Logistic Robot

Smart picker

Helps run the warehouse without any human intervention
Zero Programming
Solves the problem of tight space. Able to work in between shelves that has little space to manipulate.
Mobile base
Works 24/7
Super long battery life, self-charging, low maintenance and zero management.
3D Vision
Understanding the world
Our 3D vision system enables our robot to see and understand it surrounding.
Inventory management
Maximize Order Fulfillment Efficiency
Our algorithm arranges storage position of the inventory automatically, while ensures the most efficient layout of storage planning.

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To be part of the team that builds state-of-the-art robots with real-life applications
Electrical Engineer

You will be responsible for design, construction and troubleshooting of compact and reliable electrical systems in robotics. This includes electrical sub-system design, integration, PCB layout, and frequent hands-on work in lab building and debugging electrical systems.

Research Scientist

Dorabot seeks a creative and entrepreneurial Research Scientist to lead our engineering team in hardware focused research programs spanning robot manipulation, high performance actuation, tactile sensing, humanoids and locomotion.

Object Pose Estimation Expert

Dorabot invites talented engineers to work on object recognition and pose estimation for robotic manipulation, in many challenging scenarios such as random bin-picking.

Inventory and Vendor Manager

You will be in charge of managing components purchases, inventory control and tracking of assembly process.


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