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We are visionaries with diverse perspectives.

We are Makers in spirit. We are adventurers exploring the world of robotics.

About Dorabot
  • 3D vision system
    enables our robot to see
    and understand its

  • 2D and 3D SLAM
    allows our robot to
    roam freely and avoid

  • Collaboration of
    robots and optimization
    of large-scale 

  • AI
  • Development of AI to interact and make decisions autonomously

Our Technology

We solve problems on the edge of what is possible and build state-of-the-art

robotics with the most forward thinking ideas.

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  • MOMA-2
  • MOMA-3
  • MOMA
  • MARS-2
  • MARS-3
  • MARS
  • 3-2
  • 3-3
  • 3-1
    • picker
    • General Purpose Robot

    • General mobile platform operator
    • Omni-directional mobility
    • 3D vision capability, recognizes target items and obstacles
    • Collision free movement
    • Tactile grasp
    • picker
    • Multi-Agent System

    • High speed, omni-directional mobile robot
    • Drawing and automatic cruising
    • Long battery life
    • Low maintenance & Zero management
    About Dorabot

    Dorabot is an innovative and venture-backed robotics company. We are visionaries and global citizens at heart, always striving to broaden our horizons. We are drawing maps of uncharted lands in efforts to build a future the way we imagine it to be. We are empowering ourselves with knowledge and preparing the revolution that robotics has set out to bring…

    Our Story
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    We aim to create an inspirational and creative environment for robotics enthusiasts. If you are looking for fun in a technologically challenging environment, Dorabot is the place for you.

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    We are always looking for brain twisting questions and passionate discussions, feel free to get in touch with us!

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