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Highly configurable systems that satisfy the needs of busy material handling professionals.


Sort 1000+ units per hour into as many as 140 end destinations with a high degree of accuracy.


Dorabot’s load planning software enables mixed SKU palletizing and the building of multiple pallets simultaneously.


Recognize and singulate items from a pile and induct them one at a time.


Autonomously navigates the warehouse with a high degree of accuracy.


A robotic forklift that minimizes the delays, errors, and dangers associated with manual operations. 


There’s a ubiquitous need for dextrous and powerful pick and place systems that are also mobile.

Automated solutions that drive transformation

Software & services

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to maximize operational efficiency.

Load planning software

Maximize container utilization and organize goods based upon an unlimited number of requirements.

Facility design

Whether designing a greenfield facility or retrofitting an existing space, Dorabot has you covered.

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