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DoraCLP is a container loading planning SaaS platform that can provide an optimal container booking strategy and the best loading scheme using DoraOpt’s proprietary AI spatio-temporal multi-objective optimization engine. With an average 85%-90% container space utilization and increased efficiency gains, DoraCLP has helped enterprises cut down millions of dollars on shipping costs. Dorabot has worked with logistics and smart manufacturing companies to apply DoraCLP in sea, land transportation and other multimodal transportation networks.


  • 1. Pre-established set of templates for consolidation and container loading tasks

  • 2. Flexible configuration for complex operations to generate the best loading scheme within minutes

  • 3. Batch data processing and multitasking calculation to attain efficient

  • 4. Space utilization

  • 5. Compliant with all safety requirements including load-bearing capacity, structural provisions, and loading sequences to reduce the risk of cargo damage


Simple business, one-click solution

Fill full has configured a simple cargo data template for general LCL packing business. Upload relevant data and you can solve it with one click.

Flexible configuration for complex services

Full open according to the attributes of goods, LCL rules, assembly steps and other links to customize the entrance, meet multiple conditions, mass cargo packing scheme.

Efficient and convenient, high loading rate

The bottleneck of packing rate of manual planning was broken, and the calculation time was reduced from hours to minutes by manual operation. Improve regression utilization rate, save transportation cost and improve planning efficiency.




Efficient and convenient, high loading rate

Support multiple loading rules to ensure safety compliance of loading solutions. Provide 3D loading scheme view function, intuitive return the original loading in the structure, easy positioning of each cargo.

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