Featuring a powerful industrial robot arm and dextrous pneumatic gripper, Dorabot’s standard palletizing system uses high definition cameras and real-time motion planning to create stable and dense pallets.

DoraPalletizer’s unique gripper has a payload of up to 100 lbs and offers throughput of 500+ units per hour. Dorabot’s palletizing systems can satisfy an unlimited number of customer requirements, including weight distribution, pallet density, and loading as high as 120”.


- Mixed-SKU palletizing and Single SKU palletizing

- Proprietary load planning software allows for real time creation of stacking patterns without advance knowledge about SKUs

- Interlocking patterns and intelligent weight distribution promote stability

- Advanced vision system and motion planning work in unison to optimize pick and place

- Ability to integrate with warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise systems

- DoraLiDAR and other safety precautions can produce a barrierless safety zone to allow access for pallet placement and retrieval



Capable of throughputs up to 2000 items per hour, the DoraDePal can help with the induction of palletized items. Dorabot’s depalletizing systems are often used for trailer unloading and ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) loading.

Throughput speeds are determined by such factors as case weights, dimensions and proximity of pick and place requirements. DoraDepals are highly configurable and available with a wide array of industrial robot arms and end of arm tooling.


- Pick individual SKUs, multiple items or whole layers

- Depalletize from multiple pallets simultaneously

- Integrate with WMS or enterprise systems to support inbound processes

- Highly configurable

- Up to 100 lbs payload

Technical Features

Pneumatic suction gripper easily handles cases weighing up to 80 lbs

DoraSorter conveyor system integrates with DeStuff-IT, accumuating volume and sending singular cases to the system’s pick zone.

Light curtains maintain safety and promote barrierless access for pallet swapping.

Customer Benefits

500+ cases per hour per robot cell – sorted and palletized

Ability to unload 3X shipping containers with fewer operators

Add intelligent robotics to your workflow

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