Our Team

At Dorabot, we take just as much pride in our team as we do in our work. Not only are they the minds behind each of our endeavors, but they’re also entirely to thank for Dorabot’s company culture. Read below to learn more about what exactly makes us who we are


Our customers’ needs come first.  As we take on new projects, we study the ins and outs of our customers and partners, making sure that our solution speaks directly to their unique needs. Our solutions aim to provide a faster ROI – often around, or less than, two years. the value we place on communication and attention to detail simply can’t be overstated.



Success is measured at the team level. Our best work is done in partnership. Projects are team-based. Cross-functionality is cherished. Anyone who’s not a robot is sure to be wearing different hats. We appreciate input and value each other’s voices – so we encourage hearing from everyone. While individual achievements are celebrated, it’s team results that speak loudest.
A win is never celebrated alone – it’s a win for us all.


We see diversity as a source of strength. Each member of our team enriches the group by contributing their unique expertise. An aggregate of minds coming together, from not only every corner of the globe, but every segment of the industry too. Our engineering teams come from various industries, from logistics to entertainment, automotive to aeronautical and academic. To honor and foster uniqueness, we offer flexible work schedules. We value unique methods of productivity, and nurture the contributions of early birds and night owls alike.



Hold on to your seat. We’re crazy about robots. Dorabot employees are roughly 80% engineers – the type who are fueled by hands-on work. Problem solvers, geeks, freaks, digit-heads, brainiacs and the like. No drama, no fuss, it’s all about the tech. We value being part of a culture that challenges us to learn more and do more. We’re always pushing boundaries.

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