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Robot Names: Yeah, They’re A Thing

There’s a wide-spread misconception about introducing robotics to otherwise manual processes. The thought is that operators won’t like their robot workmates. They’ll resist operational responsibilities,

Solutions at a Glance: DoraInductor

Aimed primarily at the handling of small parcels, the DoraInductor offers high speed singulated induction that rids operators of the need to perform repetitive, dull

A Job for Robots? Beyond the 3Ds

In recent years the concept of the 3Ds – “dirty, dangerous, and dull” – has been a guidepost for decision-making processes about when to automate.

Solutions at a Glance: DoraSorter

Welcome to Solutions at A Glance, a series that highlights the functionalities and key characteristics of Dorabot’s systems. We’re kicking things off with one of

Your Peak Season 2022 Survival Guide

If you work in the logistics or e-Commerce industries, the term “peak season” may make your heart begin to race. The unpredictability of it all.

beer pong - robotics startups

5 Untruths About Robotics Startups

Let’s face it: tech startups have a tainted reputation. It’s largely the result of stories depicted in film and TV. Emerging companies, run by young

Calculating Real Robot ROI

So you’ve decided to expand your operation, increase efficiency and reduce the burden on your workforce by integrating robotics. With a decision like this comes

Spending the Night With a customer

It happens. As engineers, we do our best to ask the right questions, anticipate the unexpected, and solve corner cases. This practice continues from design