01 December 2022

Solutions at a Glance: DoraInductor

Aimed primarily at the handling of small parcels, the DoraInductor offers high speed singulated induction that rids operators of the need to perform repetitive, dull tasks. We created the infographic below to help illustrate all the cool features and benefits of our automated induction robot. 

The real magic of this system lives somewhere between the AI-based vision system that allows the robot to pick a single item from a pile, the advanced gripper technology, and the trajectory programming that promotes the fastest speeds available from the industrial robotic arm chosen for the task.

The DoraInductor occupies a relatively small footprint. It’s easy to retrofit and integrate with automated processes already in place, like line sorters and loop sorters. It also integrates with other Dorabot systems, like the DoraSorter, enabling greater efficiency and savings for our customers.