23 June 2022

Dorabot Demonstrates DoraInductor Robot at Japan’s Kansai Logistics Expo

Kansai Logistics Expo, the largest logistics exhibition in western Japan, held its annual opening on June 22nd in Osaka. The event drew an attendance of around 20,000 people and 300 companies. As a leading global supplier of automated solutions for logistics operations, Dorabot showcased the DoraInductor, an intelligent robotic solution for induction.

Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency

The DoraInductor is composed of a dexterous industrial robotic arm, Dorabot’s unique 3D vision system, and a custom feeding system. All work in cooperation to complete the separation and loading of packages with accuracy and speed. The induction process executed by the solution is simple, yet unmatched in effectiveness.

  1. 1. A parcel is transported into the DoraInductor system, often through the utilization of an integrated conveyor.
  2. 2. The 3D vision software automatically recognizes and singulates a package, then determines the best grasping position for its particular positioning. This is made possible by the motion planning algorithm’s ability to calculate the fastest moving trajectory.
  3. 3. DoraInductor’s robotic arm accurately grabs the target package and places it on the output conveyor belt.

The loading efficiency of DoraInductor can reach up to 1600 pieces an hour, depending on the conditions and needs of the operation. This can be done without sacrificing specificity, as its object detection capabilities can recognize not only boxes, but also polybags, envelopes, and even non-compliant packages. This creates a valuable solution used by warehouses, 3PL companies, and fulfillment centers around the world.

Painless Deployment

Many logistics solutions occupy a large footprint and come with high installation and renovation costs. The DoraInductor robot offers a lighter and more flexible system, with lower costs than competing solutions.

A DoraInductor cell requires an area of just 160 square feet on average. It can be modified to fit the needs and layout of the loading center, and easily integrates with other intelligent equipment, including warehouse management systems (WMS). 

Dorabot in Japan

Dorabot has become well-established in the Japanese market since entering in 2019. The company now operates an R&D center in Tokyo. Establishing this operation has allowed Dorabot to more directly address the needs of our Japanese customers with regard to AI logistics solutions, such as mixed-SKU palletizing, smart sorting, autonomous mobile robots, warehouse management systems, and more.

With the continuous expansion of business in Japan, Dorabot has not only accumulated notable partners for industrial robotic arms, such as Yaskawa and FANUC, but has also established partnerships with Japanese industry leaders, including Sony, NTT DATA, Toyota, and Sumitomo Mitsui. In 2021 Dorabot was named as one of “2020’s International Enterprises in Japan Success Stories” by the Tokyo government, and appeared in a recent documentary by Japanese media company NH