Autonomous palletizing


Household Appliances



Chant Group is a manufacturer of household gas appliances, heating equipment, barbecue appliances, and gas valves.

The company, in its fourth decade of manufacturing – which includes a large variety of accessories, die casting processing – is seeking to continuously improve its automation initiatives.

Chant Group is committed to being a leader in green energy initiatives and is focused on low-carbon, environmental protection and recycling industries.


Finished products are manually loaded to pallets at the end of the production line. The process is slow and arduous.

Manual pallet loading consumes labor and contributes to high turnover rate.


· Finished products are transferred to the palletizing area on the first floor via conveyor belt.

· High speed barcode scanning enables the system to distribute different products to the corresponding palletizing area.

· Each DoraPalletizer robot loads four different SKU pallets simultaneously.

· Data is synchronized with the WMS system in real time. When the DoraPalletizer indicates that a pallet is full, a forklift transports the pallet to the storage area.

Customer Benefits

Products are moved from the production line to the warehouse 2X faster

80% of the operators who performed palletizing are available to perform more satisfying, less strenuous tasks

Products are more efficiently transported throughout the facility

Employee turnover rates are reduced, due in large part to reduction of manual palletizing

Human error and injuries are reduced, while productivity, efficiency, and reliability are increased