Intelligent packaging robot industry application


Well-known Enterprises in China

Wine industry


LuZhou LaoJiao is a generic name for luzhou-flavor Daqu wine produced by LuZhou LaoJiao Co., LTD. It was selected as the first group of 10 non-genetic bearing bases in Sichuan province, and became the only selected unit in Sichuan wine enterprises. Dorabot established cooperation with them, which not only realized the efficiency increase, but also greatly accelerated the intelligent process of LuZhou LaoJiao, which has advanced demonstration significance in the liquor industry.

Pain Point

Traditional automatic packaging line covers an area of large, complex installation, running noise

As the business volume of online sales channel increases, it is difficult to guarantee the efficiency and quality control of manual packaging operation

Liquor packaging is difficult. Flexible demand is high, high requirements for packaging operation line


· DoraPacker adopts Dorabot’s intelligent packaging robot to complete accurate and efficient standardized operations

· DoraVision vision system jin’x for complex cargo objects

· The end-effector realizes the functions of adsorption, positioning and high-speed movement

·The motion planning algorithm achieves high quality packaging with the best grasping force and the fastest speed

Technical Features

Multi-arm cooperative intelligent packaging robot

Streamline dislocation form of installation, small footprint, flexible deployment

Easy to expand, can be connected with the front and back end of the packaging production line of other automated production equipment

The special end-effector combined with telescopic adsorption and pneumatic clamping can realize the functions of adsorption, positioning and high-speed movement in a narrow space

Customer Benefit

Packing efficiency increased to 300 pieces per hour, saving 3-5 workers

Improved customer flexible production capacity and operational efficiency

Each set of packaging robot can only grasp and docking accuracy up to ±0.3mm

Support processing 13+ types of liquor bottles without shape and size, independently adapt to a variety of packaging specifications