Sorting products in a cold chain environment

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Cold chain logistics


Founded in Hong Kong in 1981, Kerry Logistics has grown to become one of the leading third party Logistics providers in Asia Pacific.

The company has a stellar reputation as a provider of quality and efficient logistics services, including freight forwarding, express and contract logistics (warehousing and distribution), supply chain solutions and integrated logistics.


In the midst of a global pandemic, staff gatherings and coming into contact with a large number of packages poses a health risk

In cold storage and other extreme warehouse environments, manual operation is difficult


· The DoraSorter Sort-to-Tote system is adopted to provide efficient sortation in a cold storage environment

· Employing high speed barcode scanning, the system obtains package destination  information for each item and sorts to an associated tote

· Conveyor belt end of arm tooling allows for fast and accurate handoff from a conveyor belt and placement to each tote location

· Equipped with a 3D camera, the system can detect the presence of full boxes, and pose estimation, during the sorting process

Technical Features

Accurate motion planning algorithm can satisfy multiple constraints, avoid missorts and reduce damage to goods

DoraVision 3D vision technology, support full box detection and prompt pick and place capabilities

Customer Benefits

Sorting efficiency increases to 1000 pieces per hour, equivalent to the efficiency of 2-3 operators

Each sorting station can sort to more than 100 destinations

Sorting accuracy of 99.99%

The robot can work continuously in the warehouse environment at 0℃