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FedEx Express

Multinational Companies

Logistics Industry


FedEx is one of the largest express transportation companies in the world. A multinational company based in the U.S., FedEx provides fast and reliable courier services in more than 220 countries and regions around the world.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the FedEx Corporation is known for its proficiency in express delivery, freight transportation, logistics and business services.


Under the impact of a global pandemic, the demand for
e-commerce products is soaring, placing excessive stress on logistics companies

Express delivery demands fast processing of parcels to maintain timely and accurate delivery schedules

Sortation, tracking and real-time data sharing is of the essence


· The DoraSorter “Sort to Bag” solution allows for faster and more accurate sortation

· The unique drawer-shaped conveyor belt end effector allows for 

· The robot moves to the corresponding destination slot, and the conveyor belt at the bottom of the gripper moves outward to put the package into the woven bag

· Data integration, retrieving all package information in each delivery woven bag by scanning code

Technical Features

Independently developed and designed the transporter end-effector, which can carry up to 5kg of cargo

Small footprint, flexible deployment in small sorting outlets

Can handle cartons, envelopes, soft bags and other conventional pieces

Customer Benefits

Sorting efficiency increases to 1000 pieces per hour, equivalent to the efficiency of 2-3 workers

Each sorting station can connect to more than 100 destinations

Sorting accuracy of 99.99%

Package information can easily be obtained by scanning the code on the express bag