24 August 2022

Dorabot’s Mobile Robot Rolls Up with Contactless Food Delivery

In Asia, quarantine hotels are at the forefront of the battle for pandemic prevention and control. Many cities have opened quarantine hotels to reduce the spread of COVID-19. According to online data, in 2021, about 5% of hotels across China were repurposed as quarantine hotels, with a total of approximately 700,000 rooms.

Despite the benefits of these hotels, their staff face a significant risk of infection due to the necessity of food delivery to people who are isolated. Conventional food delivery robots offer a potential solution, yet they still require people to come into contact with the robots to load or receive meals, creating a risk of cross-infection.

In response to this challenge, Dorabot provided a modified version of the DoraMOMA (MObile MAnipulator), a mobile robot with the ability to provide safe, contactless, and more efficient food delivery for environments like those faced in quarantine hotels. The robot acts like a specialized delivery driver, perfectly performing food delivery tasks even in complex scenarios such as hotels, all without the dangers of cross-infection.

Movement and recognition

DoraMOMA is coordinated by an RCS (Robot Control System) and is equipped with a high-precision LiDAR SLAM system, which can independently plan the robot’s path, dynamically avoid obstacles, and move to its destination with ease.

Thanks to its intelligent 3D vision system, DoraMOMA can accurately identify the position, size and shape of the countertop and cooperate with its special parallel moving gripper to ensure stable grasping of the food to the designated position. The accuracy for repetitive pinpoint of the robotic arm is as high as ±0.05. mm, equivalent to the width of a strand of hair.

Entirely autonomous delivery

The entire food delivery process is independently completed by the robot, which eliminates human-to-human infection. Each DoraMOMA is equipped with two compartments, allowing it to deliver 24 meals in a single trip. Once at the appropriate location, delivery of a single meal takes just 15 seconds. If the food compartments are running low but delivery is still incomplete, the robot can autonomously go back for replenishment.

The DoraMOMA system also supports simultaneous scheduling of multiple robots by performing multi-machine collaboration according to the needs of unique scenarios, ensuring efficient food delivery. This is also possible without sacrificing flexibility and functionality, as the robot has no problem passing smoothly through narrow spaces, such as elevators and aisles. 

The DoraMOMA food delivery solution has been piloted in a hotel in Guangdong, China with great success. The potential for this solution is vast, and Dorabot anticipates it to play a role in the treatment and caretaking of not only those with COVID, but patients suffering from other infectious diseases around the globe.

DoraMOMA Specifications

Chassis size (L×W×H): 34” × 24” × 47”

Maximum running speed: 4.92 ft/s

Repeated positioning accuracy of the robotic arm: ±0.05mm

Maximum load of robotic arm: 22 lbs

Battery life: 10h (rated condition)

Charging time: 2h charging time after full discharge