05 May 2022

Dorabot Honored by the 2022 Robotics Business Review Innovation Awards

Robotics Business Review (RBR), a leading media outlet for technology related news, recently announced the 2022 RBR 50 Innovation Awards list. The list recognizes the world’s 50 most influential and innovative leaders in the robotics industry. Dorabot is included as one of just four logistics-focused AI companies to receive this distinguished honor.

Each year, the Robotics Business Review evaluates players in the robotics industry in terms of business models, technological innovation, and influence. Beginning 10 years ago, the RBR 50 has not only become an important indicator to measure the growth of the global robotics industry, but is also regarded as a signifier of leadership in global robotics innovation.

The case studied and selected for the RBR 50 is Dorabot’s deployment of the intelligent sorting DoraSorter for FedEx. DoraSorter is the first sorting robot to be utilized by FedEx in China, spearheading the company’s move toward automated identification and sortation in the country. It is currency being used in FedEx’s South China e-Commerce Parcel Sorting Center, located in Guangzhou.

Sort a Package in Just 3.6 Seconds

FedEx’s South China e-Commerce Parcel Sorting Center is an expansive operation, covering an area of about 56,000 square feet. The DoraSorter is part of a large-scale effort to increase efficiency within the facility. While the sorting center is large, every bit of space is highly valued.

A single DoraSorter cell covers an area of approximately 430 square feet. Within this conservative footprint, the system is capable of sorting packages to 100 destinations, with an average single parcel sort time of just 3.6 seconds.

An End Effector that Sorts Anything and Everything

The scanner above the DoraSorter obtains destination information by scanning the package’s barcode. The industrial robotic arm seamlessly connects with Dorabot’s proprietary conveyor belt end effector, moving inward or outward to place the parcel in its corresponding destination slot for delivery. 

DoraSorter’s unique drawer-shaped end effector allows it to sort nearly any type of package on the market, including soft bags, envelopes, and boxed parcels. The maximum payload for the DoraSorter end of arm tool used for small sort processing is 22 pounds.

Helping FedEx Build a Smart Logistics Network

With the help of the high-efficiency, high-accuracy, and high-precision operation capabilities of the DoraSorter, FedEx has been able to easily cope with the huge increase in demand for e-Commerce products. This includes contending with seasonal peaks and consumers’ high expectations for fast delivery.

As China serves as a leader in the world of fulfillment and distribution, it’s imperative that parcel carriers and e-Commerce companies take the necessary steps to keep pace with increasing needs. Dorabot is honored and excited to partner with FedEx as they build their operation in order to do just that. 

“For the robotics sector, the role, importance, and impact of innovation has never been greater,” said Dan Kara, vice president of robotics at WTWH Media. “With this year’s RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards, Robotics Business Review highlights those critical innovations, and the organizations responsible for them, that will spur the development of new robotics solutions and drive robotics adoption forward.”

Since its inception, Dorabot has maintained focus on both innovative R&D and implementing intelligent unmanned warehouse solutions for the industry that are unmatched in quality. In the future, Dorabot plans to expand the application of AI and robotics to benefit enterprises and consumers alike.

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