Sorting robot promotes speed and efficiency

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Founded in 1969, DHL is a global leader in express delivery, intercontinental transportation and air cargo, and the world’s number one maritime and contract logistics provider. DHL provides customers with a full range of logistics solutions from document delivery to supply chain management.



-Up to 140 destinations 

-1000+ units per hour (avg production rates with max loads) 

-Handles any type of material (boxes, poly bags, envelopes)  

-Up to 22 lbs payload

-Configurable for optimal layout/operation designs


During the peak shopping season, the volume of packages increases, and the sorting center is understaffed, while labor costs climb

The package may contain unknown bacteria or viruses

The error rate and damage rate of manual sorting are higher

It’s hard for humans to work in extreme environments


· DoraSorter intelligent sorting robot is used for parcel sorting

· The scanning system obtains parcel address information by barcode

· Special drawer-shaped conveyor belt end effector seamlessly acquires parcels from the system’s inbound conveyor

· The robot swiftly moves to corresponding destinations indicated from barcode reading, and the conveyor belt end of arm tool reverses its motion to deliver parcels with accuracy

Customer Benefits

Sorting efficiency increases to 1000+ pieces per hour, equivalent to the efficiency of 2-3 workers

Each sorting station can connect to more than 100 destinations

Sorting accuracy of 99.99%

Package information can be easily obtained by scanning the code on the express bag