AI Container Load Planning software

A multinational retail leader

Multinational Companies

The retail industry


One of the world’s largest retailers routinely ships products manufactured in Asia to distribution centers located on various contents.

With such a large number of products to ship, any opportunity to improve container utilization and streamline the process of container load planning comes with meaningful savings.


A large volume of goods, and wide SKU variety – with complex and periodically adjusted load rules – strains the ability of manual LCL planning

Manual data table screening and packing creates inefficient and error-prone processes, which increase compliance management costs

High container load rate requirements increase personnel training management costs

Lack of information coordination illuminates the urgent need for intelligent tools to help reduce costs and increase efficiency


·DoraCLP adopts AI time-space multi-objective optimization engine, which is suitable for various packing scenarios. The loading rate of a single container increases by 9% to 10% on average compared with manual loading

·The operation process is simple and fast, which can carry out the calculation of single cabinet, synchronous calculation of multi-vehicle cabinet and multi-scheme calculation of single cabinet in a few minutes

·The structure of the goods is stable, the weight distribution is balanced, and the load bearing specifications are met

·Customized according to different needs, customers can choose SaaS online platform or standalone installation program for deployment 

Customer Benefits

85%+ space utilization and
95%+ weight utilization

Single tank average loading rate can be increased by 5%-7%, 100% safety compliance

Approximately 3,000 fewer containers are required to ship the same product volume, with $900,000+ saving in freight charges annually