Autonomous robotic sorting and tote swapping

Fortune 500 Package Material Company

Multinational Companies

Manufacturing industry


A leading global manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive label materials, labels, retail clothing labels and office supplies seeks process improvement to accelerate the delivery of products to market.

The company is best known for their labeling and packaging material products, which are used in a wide range of industries and markets worldwide.


Various sorting requirements, such as sorting by order number, customer and delivery address, are difficult to handle manually

Staffed is stressed to quickly process orders deemed to be urgent, with tight production and delviery deadlines

Case utilization rates are substandard, with partially full cases being shipped

Data from upstream and downstream order systems lack integration, requiring manual processing that often results in high error rates, along with poor tracking and managing of orders

High randomness and variability of orders produces difficulty in balancing too much idle time during normal processing with the needs of urgent and peak times

Manually sorting orders at a rate of 300 per hour during peak times, requires 30-50% of labor to be recruited for two shifts to meeet requirements


·Considerations DoraSorter with Tote Considerations, one-in-one sorting and considerations, can independently take care of high-speed cargo sorting and considerations

·In the sorting process, DoraVision intelligent vision system is used to connect upstream and downstream data, which makes tracking and managing customer orders more convenient

·The overall optimization of warehouse workflow is divided into printing and cutting area, intelligent sorting and temporary storage area and packaging area. Real-time kanban is installed in the packaging area to check the real-time shipment data of each position

·Based on the accurate 3D visual identification system, the customized intelligent sorting robot will synchronously detect the capacity of the plastic box during the sorting process, and automatically replace the plastic box when the plastic box is full of goods, so as to achieve higher work efficiency

·At the same time, the operator can flexibly take the corresponding plastic box according to the urgency of the order, and send it to the packaging area through the conveyor belt for packaging and shipment

Technical Features

Conveyor belt end-effector

Grab claw

Customer Benefits

Using a sorting robot, the sorting efficiency can easily reach 350PPH, and the sorting accuracy can reach 99.99%

Automatic full box replacement occurs, saving 3-5 workers in the sorting area

Able to support the scan code query order and reverse tracking order information

Increase personnel utilization rate by 60-70%