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Providing end to end logistics, supply chain and fulfillment services for five decades, Future Forwarding is an industry leader with a multitude of devoted clients. Their focus is clear – to be known as a “forward thinking” third party logistics provider – which includes leading in the areas of information technology and applied robotic solutions.


Labor shortages, particularly in roles that require stressful lifting, unloading and palletizing.

Inconsistent delivery of shipping containers to the yard. Too few sometimes, an abundance other times.

Meticulous palletizing requirements, including consistent case orientation so that labels are aligned on same side.


· DoraPalletizer robot cell delivers autonomous loading of 6 single SKU pallets simultaneously

· Integrating DoraPalletizer with DeStuff-IT, a powered conveyor system that streamlines and reduces operator burden for case induction.

· High speed barcode scanners inform the robot about where to place each SKU (pallet destination).

· Pre-defined pallet building patterns ensure that pallets are loaded according to customer requirements.

Technical Features

Pneumatic suction gripper easily handles cases weighing up to 80 lbs

DoraSorter conveyor system integrates with DeStuff-IT, accumuating volume and sending singular cases to the system’s pick zone.

Light curtains maintain safety and promote barrierless access for pallet swapping.

Customer Benefits

500+ cases per hour per robot cell – sorted and palletized

Ability to unload 3X shipping containers with fewer operators

99% sorting accuracy

Reduced reliance on staffing eases pressure on managers and operators