2016 IROS Grasping Competition
Monday, Oct 31, 2016

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Mao, Betty


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Proud to announce that Dorabot won second place in autonomous track at 2016 IROS Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition in Daejeon Korea!

Watch the highlights of our participation.

If you are having trouble seeing the video, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Team UNIPI-IIT-QB built a hand for human use and it excelled at the hand-in-hand track winning them the first place. For the autonomous track, Tsinghua University used Baxter and won the first place leading Dorabot by 10 points. The robotic hand prototype that we built executed the tasks efficiently and completed the task in a short amount of time winning us the second place in autonomous track. Check out our full length unedited videos on Youtube here.

A brief summary of the scores below:


Place Team Score
First UNIPI-IIT-QB 300
Second University of Colorado 300
Third Tsinghua University 299
Forth Dorabot+Cobot 296
Fifth George Mason University 259

Autonomous Track

Place Team Score
First Tsinghua University 165
Second Dorabot+Cobot 155
Third University of Colorado 100
Forth SungKungKwan University 55
Fifth George Mason University 20

Details of the scores and competition summary can be found here.

We decided to compete in this challenge only two weeks prior to the competition. Our goal was to test our system, design and teamwork. We teamed up with Cobot and participated in all three tracks: hand-in-hand, autonomous manipulation and simulation. We were responsible for the hand-in-hand and autonomous tasks. The autonomous manipulation tasks include shake salt, remove bolt with a nut driver, use a spoon to scoop and stir etc. For more details on competition tasks and rules, please visit the competition website here.

This experience proved to be insightful as we learned about different kinds of grasping projects and technology. The most rewarding part was realizing the capabilities of our hand and learning about what can be improved. Our performance was better than any of us had anticipated before arriving at the venue and fully examine the set up. During the four days, we made friends with other teams and had some interesting discussions on the development of robotic hands and grasping capabilities.

After the competition, we’ve began to work with the grasping committee to set bench marks for grasping and to improve on competition rules and structure. In addition, we are writing for the new Springer book “Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition.”

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