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Robotics Software Engineer

Implement algorithms and integrate software and library to achieve desired capabilities of our robots

CS or related background
Professional proficiency with C++, familiar with scripting language like Python. Focus on coding regulations and network engineering
Comfortable developing and debugging under Linux

Experienced with robotics sensing, planning, computational graphics is a plus
Familiar with ROS, Gazebo, Moveit, OpenRave, KDL, PCL, OpenCV Dynamic language skills including Python

Manipulation Engineer

Develop and refine manipulation capabilities on autonomous mobile manipulator

Education background in Robotics, Computer Science, Mechatronics, Mechanics, Mathematics or a related field
Have expertise in motion planning approaches for robotics, especially high degree of freedom arms
Experienced with writing motion planners/controllers and applying them to real world manipulation problems
Experienced with OpenRave/MoveIt!/OMPL/SBPL/ROS-Control or any other motion planning/manipulation software

Strong system integration skills
High proficiency in C++
Love robots, eager to optimize “stupid” path plan that comes out of current planner

Electrical Engineers

Design and build electronic and electrical systems in robots

EE or related background
Comfortable using EDA softwares such as KiCAD/gEDA and work under Linux
Familiar with components and numerous minimum functional circuits, worked with existing solutions i.e. elmo,beckhoff,ATI

Proficient soldering and hands on skills

Computer Vision Engineer

Develop high quality real-time visual system; research and implement image processing algorithms

Experienced with computer vision, image processing, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis and optimization
Have experience with machine vision theory and application experience
Have experienced programming ability

Familiarity with open source library such as OpenCV, PCL
Familiar with using C, C++, Matlab
Familiar with basic mathematics


Internships available for software, mechanical, electrical, embedded and research positions.
We expect that you are enthusiastic about robotics and have professional skills in your area. We are happy to offer opportunities and experiences but expect that you can work well independently and are able to work with our team for at least 3 months. Please refer to the description and requirements of the positions above or send us your ideal position.

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