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Dorabot is an innovative venture-backed robotics company founded in 2014. We develop autonomous robotic solutions for industry using computer vision recognition, navigation, multi-robot collaboration and machine learning. Currently, most of our clients come from CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel) industry but we are expanding into other areas too. We are a diverse multinational team with business that is crossing continents.

Team Members
Average Age
Tech Team
CEO Spencer Deng

Named among 30 Under 30 in 2017 by Forbes China

Worked for 2 Years at UPS Headquarter in Atlanta, US
Joined IDG Young EIR Program in 2015
Work experience with J.P.Morgan, A.T.Kearney, and other banks in South Asia and the Middle East

CTO Hao Zhang

Named among 30 Under 30 in 2017 by Forbes China

PhD candidate of AI in HKUST
Participated in Amazon Picking Challenges in 2015
Manipulation related projects with Foxconn and Gree

Co-founder Dandan Zhou

Sr. Software Engineer

Participated in Amazon Picking Challenges in 2015
Work experience in Gameloft, Makerspace
Highly active in the ethical hacking community

CCO Chong Loo

Over 30 years of management experience in logisitics

Vast knowledge of freight forwarding and express delivery systems engineering and operations
Expertise in pricing, financial data analysis, F&A systems and business intelligence, Leader/key-stakeholder in multiple cross-country M&A projects


Multicultural and Multinational

Our team comes from all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea and USA


We love who we are & what we do.

We care about personal happiness and professional satisfaction of our employees.

We have an open and friendly working environment where everyone is encouraged to learn more and improve their professional skills.

We believe that health is just as important as our quality of work. We try to provide to our team a conducive environment for a balanced lifestyle.

Healthy Food
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Fitness Benefits
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